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High Performing Oregon Coast Property Management Services with a Personal Touch!

With the growing popularity of home-share networking sites like VRBO, AirBnB, HipCamp, etc., many people have realized the incredible income potential of renting basements, vacation homes and even camping sites online. With incredible growth in the industry, renters and vacationers are quickly learning there is a wide range in the quality of hosts and support.

Our Oregon Coast property management service allows homeowners to maximize their rental income without turning it into a second, full-time job. When you consider marketing, website or listing maintenance, customer relations, scheduling cleanings, organizing legal paperwork, maximizing occupancy and being on-call if situations arise with renters, it’s easy to imagine how much care, time and energy is needed to properly manage rental properties.

With all that in mind, wouldn’t you prefer to partner with someone who already knows how to maximize your profits and streamline the many processes so you don’t have to?

Alanna Miel's History of Oregon Coast Property Management Success

Alanna Miel has a deep love for traveling which closely relates to hosting travelers and making properties as great as possible for those looking to experience new and exciting places. With over two decades of property management experience, you can be sure Alanna Miel knows the industry’s best practices inside and out. She has been extremely successful in this field because she absolutely loves doing it!

In addition to a long, steady career in property management, in 2012 Alanna Miel made it even more personal and built two rental properties of her own in the beautiful Olivia Beach Community in Lincoln City, Oregon. After curating the properties exactly as she liked, she began renting them through a local vacation rental service company. After 18 months with this service, her properties were only achieving 50% occupancy in peak season and sometimes months would go by without a single rental.

In 2014, Alanna Miel gave notice to the rental company - determined to improve this new venture she began managing the rentals herself! By 2017, the two, single-bedroom units were bringing in a combined six figures in annual revenue, achieving over 86% occupancy in shoulder season, and 95% in peak season, with an average customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars in: Listing Accuracy, Guest Communication, Cleanliness, and Check In.

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