Enjoy the Oregon Coast Right With A Jacuzzi


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Before booking your usual beach hotel or just going for the day, imagine soaking in a private, hot jacuzzi after a long walk on the Oregon coast, or perhaps an early morning or late-night soak. This simple addition to your beach getaway will transform your weekend and add the perfect amount of relaxation and luxuriousness. No matter the hour, a jacuzzi on the coast is a fantastic amenity and one that everyone should enjoy at least once!

In the past, amenities like jacuzzis were only available in high-end hotels. With the rise in homeshare and short-term home-rentals, thankfully you now have many more options than before, most exceeding in convenience and comfort what you would get in a hotel! The list of reasons why home-share networks and short term rentals are better than traditional hotels is too long to list in this article, so for now let's just focus on one bonus amenity, a private jacuzzi!

Health benefits of a Jacuzzi

Not only are jacuzzis luxurious and an exciting addition to a vacation rental, they also offer outstanding health benefits. This is not a new idea, as the use of hot tubs and steam baths for health and wellness date back thousands of years in many cultures. Picture ancient roman, Japanese and Turkish bath houses - they were definitely on to something!

Some of the benefits include:

  • Decrease stress: Hot water is used as a therapeutic method to bring down your stress levels and relax after a busy, eventful day. According to the National Sleep Foundation, soaking in a hot tub is a great way to overcome anxiety and achieve better and deeper sleep. This is even more important on vacations so you can fully relax!
  • Reduce pain and inflammation: The heat and water in a jacuzzi offers many health benefits to people suffering from various injuries including lower back pain and arthritis. According to one estimate, 80% of all Americans will suffer from lower back pain at some point, so it’s easy to see the widespread appeal of jacuzzis. Additionally, the Arthritis Foundation reports the heat in jacuzzis helps minimize inflammation and swelling while boosting circulation, and the water helps reduce the gravitational pressure on sore limbs and joints.
  • Quicker recovery from sports related injuries or muscle problems: Enjoying a hot tub is also proven to help loosen sore or tight muscle tissues. This is even more successful if you rub the right muscles while you’re soaking in the hot water. Additionally, if you’re recovering from a sports-related injury, soaking in hot water a few days after the injury will help reduce muscle spasms, boost your circulation and minimize pain! This is important for your Oregon Coast adventure considering all of the hiking, biking, beach-combing, and exploring that will be right at your doorstep!

Morning Jacuzzi Rituals

At home your morning routine might mean getting up early, quickly showering, getting ready and grabbing breakfast on your way out the door. This rushed, weekday routine is normal for many of us. With that in mind, on a vacation your mornings should be anything but rushed. A proper vacation morning should consist of a natural wake-up, quickly followed by an invigorating yet relaxing soak in a private jacuzzi. Imagine soaking in a hot jacuzzi, looking out at the natural beauty of the Oregon Coast with a cup of coffee or maybe even a mimosa in hand! Additionally, the water’s high temperature increases blood circulation, making your heart work faster. Simply put, it acts as a light form of exercise. With that in mind, having a jacuzzi might even allow you to have a little extra dessert, after all, you did get some ‘light exercise’!

Enjoying your Jacuzzi in the Evening

Though the morning routine might sound hard to beat, jacuzzis are absolutely perfect for the evening and night time too. Whether your body needs to relax and recuperate after a busy day on the coast or you just simply feel like relaxing more on vacation, jacuzzis are the perfect way to end a day.

Another reason to hop in the jacuzzi in the evening is to promote a better night’s sleep. Your body’s temperature decreases after an evening soak, serving as a sleep aid and a natural reminder that it is time for bed. Spending some time unwinding in the hot tub before you lay down for the night, will not only be relaxing but likely have a positive impact on your sleep.

Your accommodation with a jacuzzi on the Oregon Coast

As you can tell, at Sweet Haven Rentals, we’re big fans of jacuzzis. We love them for relaxation, their health benefits and of course their luxuriousness. With that in mind, we offer outstanding beach rentals -- all of which come with your own private jacuzzi! It’s also important to note that jacuzzis are wonderful, no matter the weather. Oregon’s weather isn’t always conducive to outdoor activities, but since you’re already wet--soak it up! The feeling of cold air, rain or even snow can actually be quite refreshing while you soak in a steaming hot jacuzzi.

Some of our rental properties even have jacuzzis that comfortably fit 6 adults, perfect for the whole gang to enjoy together!

If you’re interested to learn more about our beautiful Oregon coast rentals, you can view them here. We are also more than happy to help in the selection process or anything else to help you book your perfect vacation!