Oregon Coast Camping: Maximize Your Adventure!

Oregon Coast Camping: Maximize Your Adventure!

For some, an Oregon coast camping trip is a gritty, primal experience that should engage ancestral instincts that the squares in the city are afraid to see. These purists wake up at midnight, dress like trees, and streak into the wilderness in search of something to survive. If they don’t come back with dirt in their teeth, they probably brought too much homemade jerky.

Others of us just hope we don’t forget anything when we’re loading up the SUV with gear or embarrass ourselves trying to pitch a $300 tent for the first time since last year. People of this ilk might even prefer more of an Oregon coast vacation than an Oregon coast camping trip. If this is the case for you, fret not; there are plenty of ways to experience nature as much as you want to--and no more than you want to.

Whatever your Oregon coast camping style, there are always two main questions to answer before you leave that will minimize the hassle and maximize the rewards: where will we stay? what will we do?

Oregon Coast Campgrounds: Where to Stay?

Oregon Coast Campgrounds: Where to Stay?

This is the most important question to answer when planning your Oregon coast camping trip. Although it’s a bit inland, Camp Dakota answers this question in a fun, innovative way. You can bring your own tent or RV, or rent a tent at the campground; alternatively, you can rent a teepee or yurt!

One of the most popular (albeit crowded) Oregon coast camping sites is Devil’s Lake State Park. Devil’s Lake offers a range of amenities to choose from; it just depends on how rugged you want your time to be. It’s the only Oregon coast campground that’s actually inside a city (Lincoln City, to be exact), so safety, luxury, and lots of other people are never too far away.

Also in Lincoln City are several beautiful, nature-bound, camper-friendly vacation rentals. Ultimately, the way to maximize your Oregon coast camping adventure is to avoid camping cons and load up on camping pros. If staying in an actual house is the way to do that for you, then dig in. You have not been forgotten by the Oregon coast camping community.

Oregon Coast Campgrounds: What to Do?

Although “camping” may be defined by where you sleep, it’s just as important to make sure you experience nature while you’re awake during the day! Many campgrounds provide optional activities and many are close to off-site fun. What you’d like to fill your days with will help select your best place to stay.

Camp Dakota really takes the responsibility of answering this question. This campground has a paintball range, rock climbing, archery, and even panning for gold. They can also accommodate large groups and lead team-building games.

Devil’s Lake has educational exhibits you can hike to and see, an amphitheater that hosts events, boating, fishing, kayaking, and of course, hiking.

If you’re not sure what you’d like to do on your Oregon coast camping trip, check out Let’s Go Camping. It’s a state-sponsored program that helps newcomers get comfortable camping and have the most fun possible while learning to be safe and respectful of nature.

Of course, a vacation rental house will provide its own set of activities. Pools, private jacuzzis, games, and even gym equipment are all fairly commonly found at these places. And if you get a really good one, you can even walk to the beach.

Oregon Coast Camping: Maximize Your Adventure!

Oregon Coast Camping: Maximize Your Adventure!

It’s easy to think of an “adventure” as being mostly outdoors and mostly harrowing. For some of us planning an Oregon coast camping trip, perhaps that’s desirable. Meanwhile, the rest of us like to mitigate danger and control our levels of discomfort.

One of the best things about an Oregon coast camping trip is that the perfect balance between nature and comfort can always be found. Do you want to really get away from everything? Consider Alder Dune Campground. Feel more comfortable tethered to the city? Devil’s Lake has you covered. Prefer to feel real carpet under your feet and be able to play your music loudly? Olivia Beach La Sirena could be for you.

And since the Oregon coast is such a beloved destination for camping, there will never be any shortage of activities. From hiking to birdwatching to canoeing and even shopping, it will take no time at all to compile an itinerary that will make years of fond memories. The problem may just become how to find the time to fit it all in!

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